Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Huge Rush Of Tourists to Jim Corbett and Rajaji National Parks

Rajaji Park
It’s the right time to visit Jim Corbett and Rajaji national parks in Uttarakhand, which are recently reopened for public after a closure of around five months. Tourist’s domestic as well as international, rushed to the parks in large numbers to view the exclusive wildlife of this nature gifted region. Authorities of the park told reporters that the three main pedestrian tracks of Dhikala, Durga Devi and Bijrani were repaired after the monsoon season. Accordingly many inquiries are knocking the doors of park administration for booking visit to this area.

Indian government has worked hard to preserve some of the rare animal and bird species by declaring huge plots of lands as reserved forests and sanctuaries. Corbett Tiger Reserve is one such wilderness areas, which includes Corbett national park and Rajaji national park. Corbett national park is spread on a huge area of around five hundred twenty sq. km, attracting the attention of wildlife enthusiasts from different corners of the world with its variety of wildlife and amazing landscapes. Carrying the credit of first national park to be established in Asian continent, Corbett national park was established by Jim Corbett which is located in two districts Pauri and Nainital of Uttaranchal state. There are various options available to explore the park and Jeep safari is one of the most convenient. One can freely ride the jeep safaris in this particular area, since they are secured and safe. Jeep safari takes you to every corner and interior of the park offering chances of a sure encounter with freely roaming tiger that too from a close distance. Corbett national park offers this most interesting moment to its visitors while watching the treasures of nature in the interior region of the park. Other moments of surprise can be shared while spotting rare animals like rhesus monkeys, leopards, sloth bears and crocodiles. Uniqueness of the park can be noted in making the wild life available for viewing without disturbing them. The treasure of wildlife at Rajaji national park includes five hundred elephants, two hundred fifty panthers, twelve tigers and around four hundred species of birds.

Corbett park

There are various gates for entering the park and permits are required for entering, which can be issued at the respective gates. Accommodations for the visitors are available near the gates which provide a unique experience of staying in jungles. It is advisable to book these accommodations in advance, so that day permits can be received accordingly.