Sunday, 26 January 2014

Republic Day Wishes from United-21 Wildlife Resort

Happy Republic Day
Happy Republic Day 2014

Republic Day is an occasion to rejoice for all Indians, as this is the day when the country's constitution was enforced. As this is a public holiday, people would get to enjoy being a part of public events or visit their favorite places. On this special day, United-21 Wildlife Resort, Corbett, wishes everyone a very happy Republic Day!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Why Book A Budget Resort In Uttarakhand?

Snow-clad mountains, gushing waters of rivers and an environment of great tranquility has made Uttarakhand the most-preferred destination for tourists, who are seeking some respite from the frenetic pace of modern cities. No wonder that this enchanting North Indian state is known as the 'abode of God' among its people, and numerous travellers who have toured the region over the years. This state also has several hill stations, that are mostly preferred by honeymooning couples. It is divided into two regions on account of their cultural differences, namely, Garhwal and Kumaon. The Garhwal region has Dehradun as its capital, and also includes seven districts. Administrative centre of Kumaon region is Nainital; and the region's popular attractions include Corbett National Park, which is a popular attraction among tourists visiting Uttarakhand state.

Budget resort in Nainital

Both wildlife enthusiasts and leisure tourists can have a wonderful time, visiting various parts of Corbett National Park. Though tourist activities are allowed only in select areas of this reserve, its visitors would get a chance to witness some of the most amazing landscapes, as well as fascinating species of wild animals. This is the reason why it gets plenty of tourists every year, coming from different parts of the world. There are some excellent hotels and resorts located close to this wildlife sanctuary, offering luxurious rooms or suites for their guests. Most of the travellers are often concerned about their overall costs, and it becomes absolutely necessary for them to book a budget resort in Uttarakhand for greater savings. While such resorts offer rooms at lower prices, the comforts of guests are not compromised. The serene atmosphere surrounding these resorts would be enough to offer its guests true value for money.

Tourism has evolved to a great extent in recent times, creating a sense of awareness among tourists about protecting the environment and wildlife. As a result, many resorts are promoting this latest phenomenon by providing Eco-friendly accommodations for travellers. Some resorts in Uttarakhand are located in the midst of green natural surroundings, and stays for tourists are often arranged in village-style mud houses. It would be a great experience, watching the sun rise on the horizon over beautiful mountains while enjoying a cup of tea. Though such accommodations have the appearance of primitive huts, their interiors are well-furnished and are provided with all the modern facilities. Location of these resorts also gives greater convenience for travellers to reach the exact spot without any hassles.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Fabulous Attractions In Corbett National Park

Witnessing wildlife in the midst of natural surroundings is an experience that many nature lovers would like to have. A visit to any of the wildlife national parks of North India can be a great opportunity to explore a wide range of flora and fauna, while enjoying a pleasant environment that such places offer. A huge variety of endangered species have found their comfortable habitat in these heavily forested surroundings. Some of the North Indian national parks are set against the backdrop of Himalayan peaks, which offers beautiful views for tourists. Fertile soil of such places support the growth of a large variety of plants and trees. This is the reason behind a dense cover of greenery in most of these North Indian national parks.

Corbett National park India
Major Ramsay, a British officer, who was in charge of the forest areas of Tehri Garhwal during the nineteenth century, began the efforts to protect this region by prohibiting cultivation and large-scale felling of trees. Process for demarcation to set up a national park started in early twentieth century with the assistance of Jim Corbett, a legendary British hunter-turned-conservationist. In its earlier days, this wildlife reserve was known as Hailey National Park; named after Sir Malcolm Hailey, who was the Governor of United Provinces. It was eventually renamed as Corbett National Park during 1955-56, honouring the contribution of Jim Corbett towards conservation of wildlife in this region. He played an important role in its creation, as he had persuaded the provincial government to establish it as a national park. In the year 1974, Corbett National Park was selected as the location for launching an ambitious and immensely popular project for wildlife conservation known as 'Project Tiger'.

Corbett Elephant Safari
Primary objective of this national park is to protect its wildlife, but there has been a lot of focus on ecotourism in recent times. The attractions in Corbett National Park include Dhikuli, a popular destination located at the outer part of Patli Dun valley. Tourists can enjoy beautiful views of the valley from this location, set against the backdrop of Kanda ridge. Corbet Falls is yet another beautiful attraction, which is surrounded by a serene atmosphere and dense forests. Visitors are not allowed to walk inside Corbett National Park, and this is the reason why Jeep Safaris are used for touring the park's interiors. Bird-watchers would find Kalagarh Dam very exciting, especially during the winter season, when plenty of Waterfowls arrive at this place.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Best Wishes For The New Year From United-21 Wildlife Resort, Corbett

New Year 2014

United-21 Wildlife Resort, Corbett, extends its best compliments for the New Year! It offers unique and eco-friendly accommodations for its guests, to ensure a comfortable stay. They can also enjoy a wide range of benefits, which include well-furnished rooms and excellent views of lush green landscapes.