Thursday, 10 July 2014

Explore The Fabulous Wildlife Of Corbett National Park

Visits to wildlife reserves are always enjoyed by wildlife enthusiasts, bird-watchers, and nature lovers. One of these wildlife sanctuaries is Jim Corbett National Park in the Nainital District of the Indian state, Uttarakhand. It was the first national park to come under Project Tiger, an initiative by the Indian Government to protect dwindling species of the Bengal Tiger. There are diverse varieties of flora and fauna in this wildlife reserve and tourism-related activities permitted only in selected areas. Plenty of tourists from different parts of the world visit this national park to enjoy its diverse offerings.

Corbett national park attractions

This wildlife sanctuary is abundant with different species of plants and trees with a higher density of Sal forests in certain areas. Bengal Tigers, Leopards, Himalayan Black Bears, Sloths and Barking Deer are some of the wild animals found in this region. There are over 586 species of migratory as well as resident birds in the wildlife reserve. There are several other attractions in Corbett that can be explored while touring the national park. One of them is an area in this wildlife reserve called Dhikuli, which is located near Patli Dun valley. Tourists would be delighted to visit Corbett Falls and Kalagarh Dam, as they are surrounded by lush greenery and amazing serenity.

Jim Corbett national park
Being close to this national park is made possible by the presence of some excellent hotels and resorts in the surrounding areas. The hotels and resorts in Corbett offer a beautiful view from its rooms guests can enjoy all the modern facilities provided inside. Accommodation in some of the resorts is (accommodation is singular so uses is and not are. These are basics of English) arranged in village-style mud huts that look simple from the outside, but have elegant furnishings inside. During their stay in such resorts, tourists can also enjoy traditional Kumauni folk dance performances and excursions to all the exciting places nearby.